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Brazil celebrates 15 years of National Sport Horse Festival

Eden (Pelot - Delta x Chifle) with Serguei Fofanof (BRA)

By Roberta Milani / ABCCH
Photography: Peter Llewellyn, and BH

The XV National Festival of the Brazilian Sport Horse will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, in middle November. The Brazilian Sport Horse Breeding Association (ABCCH) grows every year and is proud of the results achieved at home and abroad. The non-profit organization is responsible for promoting, within the established standards, the development of the breeding of the Brazilian Sport Horse (BH).

The aim is to guarantee and encourage the study of the breed so that there is an appropriate crossing that guarantees the impression of the best of national genetics, highlighting the characteristics of temperament, strength, blood, elasticity, and technique.
Year by year, it has been proven that the Association is on the right path, and with positive results, ABCCH managed to make the name of the Brazilian breed memorable, as in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Australia, where no fewer than nine representatives of Brazil’s national breed participated in two equestrian disciplines: jumping and eventng, achieving a mark unsurpassed until today. They were:
• Adelfos Joter (Athlet - Condina x Caletto I): A member of the Swiss Olympic showjumping team (Markus Fuchs);
• Aspen (Lorado - Draga x Lancero): Showjumping team bronze with Doda Miranda (BRA)
• Calei Joter (Calandus - Leika x Lord): Brazilian showjumping team bronze ridden by Andre Johannpeter
• Cassiana Joter (Caletto II - Silvana x Silbersee): Ditto – ridden by Luiz Felipe Azevedo
• Marco Method (Bubis - Vicunha x Eversoul): Member of the Colombian showjumping team ridden by Manoel Torres
• Fellini do Feroleto (Villa Valeria - Cardenal Dauapa xx x Rio Bravo II xx): Eventing team, ridden by Carlos Paro
• Landheir do Feroleto (Landritter - Brasileira do Feroleto x Villa Valeria Cardenal): Eventing – André Paro
• Amazonian Dream (Buvant - Fleurisette xx x Locris xx): Eventing – Gustavo Pagoto
• Eden (Pelot - Delta x Chifle): Eventing – Serguei Fofanof.
Another source of pride is that three of the above-mentioned horses had already participated in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games in the United States:
• Aspen: Showjumping team bronze ridden by Doda Miranda, eighth individually
• Calei Joter: Ditto – ridden by ridden by Andre Johannpeter
• Eden: Eventing - ridden by Serguei Fofanof

Marco Method (Bubis - Vicunha x Eversoul)
ridden by Manoel Torres (COL)

Harvesting the fruits of serious and effective work, the Association continues to strive for the dissemination of the breed, guiding and encouraging crosses of high genetic value, and incorporating new breeding and training techniques in the constant search for a national horse that can perform with perfection within the different disciplines of equestrian sport.

Eden (Pelot - Delta x Chifle) with Serguei Fofanof (BRA)

Our numbers

ABCCH records between 550 and 1,000 registered foals per year, all with proof of paternity by DNA and with micochip.
ABCCH data shows the following animals registered by period (BHs and imported stock with genealogical registration issues by ABCCH):
• 2014 (720 animals: 330 colts; 390 fillies)
• 2015 (901 animals: 414 colts; 487 fillies)
• 2016 (566 animals: 292 colts; 423 fillies)
• 2017 (782 animals: 359 colts; 423 fillies)
• 2018 (584 animals: 289 colts; 295 fillies)
• 2019 (744 animals: 338 colts; 406 fillies)

In order to disseminate and improve the breed, the Association promotes events, including the already traditional National Festival of the Brazilian Sport Horse, which consists of jumping events exclusively for young horses, from four to eight years of age, and the Exhibition at the national level.
Among the activities of the event, breeders and owners have the opportunity to register their products for various evaluations such as: jumping competitions, foal exhibition, approval of stallions and ‘competition’ mares, national championship in free jumping, parade of stallions previously approved at the past events, BH Horse Show of Dressage, in addition to lectures on the most diverse subjects of interest to breeders and riders, such as nutrition, pasture, tax issues involving equines, training of young horses, horse shoeing, purchase examination, among others....

Aspen (Lorado - Draga x Lancero) OG showjumping team bronze with Doda Miranda (BRA)

The Brazilian Sport Horse Festival

Clube Hípico de Santo Amaro located in São Paulo (BRA) is the chosen venue for the Brazilian Sport Horse Festival. This year, 2020, BCCH will host the XVth edition of the Brazilian Sport Horse National Festival, from November 12 to 15.
Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic which hit the world in mid March of this year, many uncertainties have obviously arisen and adaptations are being made to safely and comfortably welcome all guests and participants to this event which every year exceeds all statistical expectations. [/s2If]