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Final results of EHV research post Spanish outbreak in 2021

By authorship credits can be found at the end of this article Photography: Anne Courencé A total of 752 horses were involved in the CES Valencia...

Fourth Tyszko and Cichon show honours foals and young horses

By Agata Grosicka Photography: Wiktoria Roznowska The fourth edition of the Tyszko and Cichon show took place during the weekend of July 22/23, 2023, at the...

The Warmblood in Canada: Where do we go from here?

By Chris Gould / CWHBA Photography: Andrew Ryback In the first three chapters of this series, we covered the foundations of Warmblood horsesd and what bloodlines...

Swedish Warmblood Breeders Trophy for eventing horses

By Ellinor Andersson / SWB Photography: Kim Lundin This year, the Breeders Trophy will be decided in a cross-country competition for Swedish Warmblood horses at Össjö...

Auction ’n Concert: Unique Elmshorn Holsteiner Foal Days

By Holsteiner Verband The team for the Elmshorn Holsteiner Foal Days scheduled for August 19/20 has created an extraordinary concept with Auction ’n Concert, presenting...

NRPS accepts three stallions from Perlee Stables

By Claartje van Andel Photography: Nynke Frances/ The NRPS committee accepted three dressage stallions at a home inspection at Perlee Stables. Established by Peter and Marijke...

KWPN enters into collaboration with other studbooks

By Jenneke Smit / KWPN Photography: Hippofoto Belgium The fact that you become stronger through cooperation is a well-known concept that KWPN gratefully embraces. In recent...

Ace of Hearts: An ‘ace’ up the sleeve of Estonian Sport Horses

By Liis Ira / ESH Photography: Ago Ruus, Stefano Grasso/LGCT A few short years ago, many Estonians interested in equestrian sports who were also familiar with...

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