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Young BWP members: Passion and a willingness to learn

Emile Vandorpe

By Kris van Steen / IYB
Photography: BWP

Belgian Warmblood (BWP) is a studbook made great by the horses that excel all over the world, but especially by the breeders who breed these great horses. Within this community are young breeders who have inherited the passion from their family, or became passionate about breeding through equestrian sports.

We spoke to three young Belgian Warmblood-breeders. Each of them already participated in the World Championships for Young Breeders.

“I slept above Diamant de Semilly”

Emile Vandorpe inherited the passion and interest for horses and breeding through his genes. He is a more than talented rider and at the World Young Breeders’ Championship in Ermelo (2022), he achieved the highest score in the section for judging conformation, taking the gold and the title of World Champion. In 2015, when he first participated in the World Young Breeders’ Championship in Great Britain, Emile already won silver in the part of judging free jumping.
“We have a tree farm at home and I am self-employed in landscaping. But there have always been horses in my life, that of my parents, and my grandparents. My work obviously comes first, but equestrianism and breeding play a leading role in my life.”
Knowledge: “I try to gain as much knowledge as possible about breeding. The moments that [young] BWP organizes are ideal and always very pleasant learning moments. I enjoy those breeding visits, and also regularly did so at the weekend during my ‘green management’ traineeship in Normandy. I had the opportunity to stay at Eric Levallois' stud farm – Le Haras de Beaufour – for three months. I slept there above Diamant de Semilly’s stable [smile], and I was able to talk about breeding with Eric who is obsessed with the genetic background of showjumpers.

“During the weekend I went to the stables at Haras de la Pommes, and also visited Penelope Léprèvost and Kevin Staut. I still have very good contacts with all those people. I have also twice visited Brazi and noticed that Belgian horses and mare lines are very popular there. The more I can discover about horses and breeding, the better.”
Manageable breeding: “We breed one or two foals a year. Never big numbers; always manageable. I train the horses myself until they are seven years old, and then they are usually sold. Queen de Hurtebise (Kashmir van Schuttershof) is a mare – the full sister of Reveur du Hurtebise – with whom we have already bred several good horses. Querida du Bois (Doree van de Moskifarm), which I am currently riding, is also from that lineage. Rosanna du Bois (Dore van’t Zorgvliet) is a seven-year-old mare who is currently doing well in sport with French rider Jordan Gennaro. Quistria du Bois is also a seven-year-old we bred ourselves, and she is currently jumping under the saddle of Guillaume Batillat. She was second in the Grand Prix for seven-year-old horses in Royon. I rode her dam myself up to 1m35 level. She was then sold to Pilar Cordon, but is now back for our breeding.”.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber