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WBFSH member studbook applications considered in 2022


By Jean Llewellyn

Membership decisions ratified from 2021: No new members. The Cheval de Dressage Français was accepted as an associate member. One full membership application was received in 2022 from the Luso Warmblood (LW).

Two associate membership applications were received from the Societé Hippique Francaise (SHF) – French Equestrian Society, and the China Horse Industry Association (CHIA).

Luso Warmblood

An overview:
• The Luso Warmblood (LW) Horse Studbook is for horses that are the result of the cross between purebred and/or decedents of Lusitano Horses (PSL) and horses registered in warmblood studbooks (members of the WBFSH).
• The aim is to promote a breed that enhances the qualities of the Portuguese native breed. Therefore, a minimum percentage equal to 25% PSL is required.
• The Luso Warmblood is a newly established studbook in 2022. The horses has already existed for some years and has until now been registered in two other studbooks: the Portuguese Sport Horse (PSH- which is a WBFSH member) and Cruzado Portugues (CP).
• LW is owned by the Portuguese state and managed by APCRS (Accociacao Portuguesa de Criadores de Racas Selectas), a breeders association which manage five horse studbooks (one of them, the Portuguese Sport Horse Stud Book ‘PSH’, is already a WBFSH member).
• APCRS has legal authorisation from the Agriculture Ministry via DGAV (Direcao-Geral da Alimentacao e Veterinaria (the Ministry Department responsible for horse matters). APCRS hold General Assemblies twice a year (the member studbooks do not have individual General Assemblies).
Studbook statistics:
• LW was established in 2022. Therefore no foals have been registered yet. But LW expect to register approx. 80 foals in 2022.
• APCRS register approx. 400 foals in total in the five studbooks.
• APCRS membership is open to all breeders. The studbooks under APCRS do not have individual members.
LW Studbook construction:
The studbook is reserved for horses registered in the National Equine Registry (RNE) that meet the conditions to be enrolled in one of the following sections:
a) LW Birth Section (foals from horses registered in Breeding Section or in Annex Breeding Section);
b) LW Studbook Breeding Section (horses registered in Birth Section, where sports results and conformation have been approved by the Registration Technical Committee);
c) Studbook Annex Breeding Section (other Breeds than LW that depending on their sports results have received a favorable opinion from the registration Technical Committee – studbook’s approval by WBFSH studbooks being accepted).
LW Breeding program:
• All approved stallions from WBFSH studbooks are approved in LW.
• Young stallions or those that have never been approved by other studbooks must be identified and approved by the LW studbook Technical Commission and must have a minimum point (6-9 points).
• Gradings of mares are also done by the Technical Commission and they must also receive a minimum point (5-9 points).
• Horses will only be subject to evaluation from the year in which they reach 3 years of age.
LW identification
• Foals will be identified in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2021/963 of 10 June 2021 until the end of the year of birth.
• The registration of foals must be requested by the breeder to APCRS by a birth certificate that must be received within a period of 120 days after the foal is born.
• It is mandatory to confirm the paternity of the foal by genotyping (DNA) performed in the official laboratory (Molecular Genetics Laboratory of Alter).
• Passport in accordance with European legislation is issued.
• Microchip and UELN (620001) will be provided.
• All studbooks in Portugal work on the Portuguese Ministry owned database.
The LW Studbook was accepted as an associate member of the WBFSH as from June 21, 2022. The WBFSH Board requested that an applicationn to become a full member studbook be resubmitted whenn the studbook is more established and is of sufficient size... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber