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The countdown is on: May 2 – DSP online riding horse and youngsters auction

Emilio (Ph: Kiki Beelitz)

The DSP online riding horse and youngster auction of 30 horses remains open until Sunday, May 2, with the final bid-up at 2:00 p.m. European time, when an auction countdown begins for each lot.

The sport horses can be tried out up to 12:00 noon on Sunday, May 2 at Hofgut Kranichstein in Darmstadt after making a prior appointment with auction manager Fritz Fleischmann, Tel. +49(0)1 51/53 11 57 83, when the desired horses will be saddled ready.

There are two six-year-old dressage horses DSP Alpha Royal and Emilio, ready to start in M ​​level and also showing great talent for high-level dressage, who are particularly sought-after. In the jumping camp, the current price ranking is led by an eight-year-old daughter of Camargo, who has already placed in M-level jumping and goes by the beautiful name Henriette. Customers from China, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, France, the USA and of course Germany have already participated in the auction process with bids.

Information about all these horses as well bidding registration that enables the viewing of veterinary reports, can be found on the auction platform: dsp.horse24.com.