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Stallion Equador MVL available for KWPN

Monte Velho with João Torrão (Ph: Claartje van Andel)

With the recent clarification by the KWPN, allowing offspring of a Lusitano stallion and a KWPN mare to be included in the 'B' register of the KWPN Stud Book, the door has been opened to allow breeders aiming for Grand Prix dressage to benefit. As a consequence, Monte Velho has reached an agreement with Van Olst Horses regarding semen promotion and distribution in this specific market for Equador MVL.

Equador MVL (Quo Vadis - Que Há x Hostil) is a modern, sporty type Lusitano who has now been competing for a little over two years in GP dressage. According to his proud owner, Diogo Lima Mayer; "It is our firm belief that Equador MVL has some qualities that can be of huge benefit to the KWPN breed, particularly his most amazing generosity and rideability as well as his ability for the collected movements. Those are the qualities that really make the difference in Grand Prix today!”

“Equador MVL has competed head-to-head against horses from all other breeds, constantly being placed at the top spots. He has been awarded with marks for Iberian horses which would be unthinkable a few years ago, rewarded by the best judges in the world. From his start I really believed in him. Born, raised and trained here at Monte Velho, he is the pride of me and my family.”

In 2019 during EC Rotterdam, Equador was in the Portuguese dressage team that secured a team spot for Portugal for the Olympic Games, postponed due to Covid-19 as we all know.

Equador MVL holds three records for Iberian horses in Grand Prix: GP 77.348%, GPS 79.042% and GP Kür 83.875%, all under the saddle of by João Torrão.

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