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SF 2021 foal championship concludes


The first Selle Français championship of this 2021 season concluded yesterday with an auction organized jointly with the Equinia agency.

On day one, some 127 foals were presented to the judges in hand, alongside their dams, then at liberty in the riding hall of the Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô CPE in each of four categories: young fillies, older fillies, young colts, older colts. For SF purposes, foals born before May 1 of the same year are considered to be 'older'. An intermediate ranking is established at the end of the first day.

Exceptionally, the second day of the championship was also moved indoors following a week of unprecedented rain that flooded the yard of the Haras de Saint-Lô, and in order to make it safer and more comfortable for the foals and their presentation teams. usually the scene of this second day, the device was exceptionally moved to the CPE. This time the foals were presented at liberty, alongside their dams in hand before the champions were awarded.

Champion young filly: Liberty Desse (Contendro - Funky de Hus Z x Florian de la Vie), bred by Denis Crochet

Champion young colt: Las de Coeur du Berry (Diabeau - Florine x Carambole), bred by Felix Bergeron

Champion older colt: Lemon Rose D Chaumes (Conte Bellini - Rose des Chaumes x Flipper d'Elle), bred by Régis Quinton

Champion older filly: Larissa Blue Diam (Numero Uno - Quaty Campagne x Helios de la Cour II), bred by Beth Loisil – who was also awarded as the SF Grand Champion.

During the auction that followed this championship, 20 foals were presented, with the top price of €18,000 being paid for the older champion colt, Lemon Rose D Chaumes, who will find his new home in Italy.

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