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Selle Français genetics becoming more seductive


By Anne Robert / SF

On the eve of the 2022 breeding season, we are more than happy to notice that the young Selle Français genetics are becoming more and more seductive! Last month, the ‘Selle Français Stallion Masters’ by l’Éperon put some promising young males forward during an exclusive competition for them at the heart of the famous ‘Salon des étalons’ in Saint-Lô.

How does it work? A competitive overview with fences focusing on balance, strength, behavior, and style ratings from our expert judges, added to an overall score. Hereunder we take a look at the four-, five-, and six-year-old winners.
In the four-year-old age group, I Am Semilly and Inédit du Moulin claimed the spotlight, tied with a total of 83 points.
I Am Semilly (Casall - Alizée Semilly Selle Français (SF) x Diamant de Semilly SF), bred by Richard Levallois from La Manche: Qualified at the age of two in November 2020 for the three-year-old stallion championship (February 2021). He was approved at the end of that championship to be reviewed for testing based on his third year (December 2021). He was later confirmed following a fine expertise and was awarded the ‘very promising’ label, noting excellent motricity and very good skills over a fence that completed his natural physical strength. Not forgetting his undeniably perfect behaviour and excellent bloodline rated 10 out of 10 (the Fleur de Mai strain).
Inédit du Moulin (Corrado du Moulin - Utha du Sud x Virgo d’Arsouilles) bred by EARL du Moulin in Le Nord: Introduced into the Selle Français circuit for males the age of three during the Saint Etienne de Tulmont qualifier in November 2021. Certified ‘very promising’ following his testing the previous Decemnber. Besides is beautiful shape, he shows docility, willingness, and focus, in addition to a very good canter quality. No doubt he will bring good assets to his future products.
In the five-year-old category the winner was none other than Happy Day d'Iscla (Toulon - Signora SF x Kannan) bred by SCEA d'Iscla from Indre et Loire. A horse who is already well-known on the Selle Français podiums with an 88-point overall total. He won the Saint-Lô qualifier at the age of two in fall 2019, first in two-year-old Selle Français males ranking, fourth at the three-year-old championship in February 2020, concluding with a test win in December 2020 and an evident ‘very promising’ label in his third year.
Dedicated to breeding at the age of four, he hasn’t been seen in arenas since his testing, but needless to say he confirmed his assets in his fifth year. His excellent ancestry (Sophie du Chateau) puts him in very good shape with awesome hindquarters, perfect stand ,and high-quality jumping skills. When he was only three our experts underlined “An exceptional horse with high-standard qualities.”.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber


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