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Progressive de-confinement for French circuits


The Société Hippique Française will be relaunching its young-horse circuit of breeding events as from May 25. The resumption of activities will be organized within a strict framework of health guidelines defined by a protocol sent to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The measures put in place initially concern only the professional players within this sector, and events must be organized in compliance with the sanitary measures imposed by the protocol. The entry and allocation system, on the regional circuit exclusively, had to adapt to the economic situation of the breeds which financially contribute to the EPERON Fund. To date, we do not know the amount that will be allocated to the SHF. New calendars are being developed with a reduced number of sites.

As far as the professionals circuit is concerned, it's the professional agricultural status that allows the SHF to resume this activity.

'Professional' applies to any person able to justify his or her activity by means of an official document, extract Kbis, N° SIRET / SIREN (agricultural or commercial within the equestrian sector), an MSA declaration, or attestation from an employer.

The notion of 'professional' is therefore independent of the level of federal license (Amateur/Pro). Anyone who does not meet the criteria required above will not be able to access the competition sites.

The resumption of competitions will firstly concern the Classic Cycle Horse circuits in showjumping, eventing and dressage.

For amateur riders and minors under the age of 16, we are actively working on a plan to resume competitions before the summer.