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Numerous bids – 13 out of 20 horses sold

Sammy Deluxe (Ph: Stephan Kube)

On March 21, due to the Covid-19 virus, the sale of horses through a bidding process in lieu of a regular auction for the Marbach State Stud saw a satisfactory result. Supervised by sales manager Hendrik Schulze Rückamp, Beate Beck, head of budget and finance, and Nicole Meyer from the stud farm opened the bids at 2:00 p.m. Of the 20 horses for sale (one horse was not presented), 13 horses changed hands, five did not receive a bid, and two horses did not reach the minimum price. The net sales prices were between €6,250 and €26,100, with net average of €13,850 for the 13 horses sold. Two horses were sold abroad and according to studfarm manager Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck; “The average price of the horses sold is even slightly higher than the average price of the last stud auction. In the exceptional situation of the Corona pandemic, we had to use the bidding process to break new ground in the short term in order not to disappoint the numerous prospective buyers and the owners. Our team was not discouraged. In view of the crisis situation, we are satisfied with the result and wish all buyers joy and success with their horses.” For Rolf Eberhardt, head of training, who had earlier staged the horses in front of the cameras with other members of the Marbach team, “I think we will find buyers for the remaining seven horses over the next few days.”