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Marbach State Stud coronavirus update

Doctor Blue (2016/Westf/st Durango VDL - Donna x Veron)

Due to the corona pandemic, the main and state stud Marbach has taken extensive measures to ensure the core functions in the management of its stud farms.First and foremost, this also includes deck operations. "We will ensure the greatest possible breeding service," said Landoberstallmeister Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck, “But to do this we have to reschedule in view of the corona crisis this breeding season. As an exception, we will not be loading the service stations Biberach, Ellwangen and Zogenweiler this season, but will expand the offers of the insemination station in Offenhausen.” The stud management discussed the situation in telephone conversations with the chairmen of the horse breeding associations Biberach, Aalen-Ellwangen and Ravensburg. "The decision hurts all of us a lot," says Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck, "the service stations are important points of contact for the breeders in the area and the horse breeding associations are indispensable partners." With the extended range of insemination stallions one wants to accommodate the breeders. Working with the veterinarians Dr. Banzhaf for the Biberach station, Dr. Wiese for the Ellwangen station, and Dr. Rist for the Zogenweiler station, they fully guarantee the care of the mares”, and after making an appointment the mares can be examined and inseminated at the service station or in the breeding stable.

The stallions intended for the service stations will be integrated into the stallion line of the insemination station in Offenhausen and the service station in Marbach. In addition to the stallions that have been available for fresh semen delivery since the beginning of February, the stallions Benedikt, Giuliani, Momentum, and WM Devdas ox have already been dispatched. From April 22, fresh semen from the stallions Doctor Blue, Hickstead Gold, Limoncino, and Quite Great will also be sent.

The horse breeding associations affiliated to the German Equestrian Federation have passed a special resolution according to which stallions can be entered in the stallion book I in the 2020 season without proof of the necessary stallion performance test. This exemption concerns the stallions Benedikt, Hickstead Gold, Momentum, Quite Great, and WM Devdas ox. At the service station in Marbach, the state stallions Challatus R, Davos, and Hockfein are also covering.