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More successful studfarm evacuations from Ukraine


After a harrowing two-week journey from Kyiv, breeder Anita Kirylova has finally cleared the border into Poland with her 11 horses, including two stallions. The evacuation process included two stop-overs, one in Khmienicki and the second in Lviv in order for her horses to be micro-chipped and to complete the necessary paperwork, for which the money was raised via social media. They then joined a humanitarian convoy organized by Ilona Turowska to whose stables they are now heading in Poland.

When war broke out, Anita asked for help on social media and was connected with Ilona via our own Polish correspondent, Agata Grosicka.

NGOs are now arriving in Poland to deliver and distribute horse feed, even driving as far as Kyiv inside the war-torn Ukraine.

We will bring you more such stories as the news reaches us.