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Marina Björkman: “It takes a village…”

Marina Björkman with filly Main Balouba (Baloubet du Rouet)

SWEDEN (by Hillevi Brasch) Breeding showjumpers in Sweden has proven success- ful for a while now, attracting more interest from the international scene than ever before. Certainly, the studbook holds its ground, especially when looking at the various rankings. have proved successful for a while now, attracting more interest from the international scene than ever before. I was curious to find out about one specific and hugely successful breeder – Marina Björkman.

Björkman’s name is often mentioned in the press when presenting successful horses. Especially as she was just awarded Breeder of the Year by the Swedish Warmblood Association.

What started out with a young girl born and raised in the very northern parts of Sweden, possessing a love for horses from a very early age, has turned in to one of Sweden’s most successful breeders of international top level jumpers this decade with Swedish Warm- blood horses such as Cadence (Cardento - Main Mirco x Irco Marco), Main Road (Heartbeat - Main Mirco x Irco Marco, Marion Zeta (Robin Z - Main Mirco x Irco Marco) and Main De- fender (Nintender - Camina x Cardento) to name just a few.

How did Marina Björkman, today residing in Flyinge, Sweden and recipient of many breeding awards, manage to achieve something most of us breeders only dream about, not once – but several times? The secret to her success seems to be an outstanding mare line, at times only producing one foal a year, which amounts to 18 foals total as of today, combined with the very best care, nutrition, meticulous planning and training of the young horses, generating mounts carefully placed with the right people, owners and riders alike, that today have made a mark in Swedish show jumping as well as internationally...