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Liselotte Tillberg: Proud to have bred Albführen’s Maddox

The reins of Albführen’s Maddox in Steve Guerdat’s capable hands

By Anette Sånesson / SWB
Photography: Roland Thunholm

In recent years, the SWB (Swedish Warmblood) horses have succeeded each other in the international showjumping arenas. One of them is the bay gelding Maddox, born and raised in Östergötland, bred by Liselotte Tillberg.

“I am so proud; having bred a horse competing at the very top level in the world adds a little extra luster to life,” says Liselotte, who has enjoyed a love for horses throughout her life.
Growing up, there were Fjord horses at the neighboring farm, and Liselotte used to go over there as a little girl to spend time with them. As she got older, she cared for the same horses together with other girls from the area. When she turned 12 years old, Liselotte got her first pony, which she competed in the lower classes. A few years later, she started working for the competitive rider and breeder Karl-Åke Hultberg.
“I bought a horse from Karl-Åke before I went back home,” Liselotte recalls. “It was a very nice horse, an offspring by the Thoroughbred stallion San Michele xx, which I rode and competed in both dressage and showjumping.”

Albführen’s Maddox demonstrating his enormous scope in the hands of Steve Guerdat (SUI)

Liselotte took a break from horse ownership for a few years while pursuing a healthcare education and starting a family. In the early 2000s, she returned to horses, and a daughter of Maraton, Miami (out of Parla x Happy Day), turned up at the barn. Liselotte quickly took a liking to her and bought her as a three-year-old from Angelica Karlsson. Over the years, Liselotte has had immense joy with her. “Miami had an excellent temperament and was pleasant to work with,” Liselotte explains. “She was also well-built and modern in type and had an incredible canter. I had a lot of fun with her; we competed in the lower classes and did some eventing training with Lars-Erik Gällerdal.”
A few years later, Liselotte began to consider breeding Miami, and in 2009 her first foal was born. Besides Miami, Liselotte has had a few other well-bred mares in her breeding program, including Nuit Blanche and Janneau Grand, as well as Jambalaya, which she leased. Over the years, there have been quite a few foals produced. Liselotte's breeding operation has been small-scale, but the outcome has been good, her horses have placed well in national foal shows and are successful in M-level dressage and show jumping. “The horses I have bred have ended up with owners who are happy with them, and that makes me feel satisfied as a breeder,” Liselotte explains... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber