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January 2021, and throughout the New Year…


This coming New Year will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of World Breeding News. It will also mark the 30th birthday of some legendary stallions who became exceptional athletes in competition, and their stellar breeding careers have since influenced younger generations with their offspring.

Therefore, throughout 2021, World Breeding News will be publishing one tribute to an iconic sire every month, analyzing their success stories, qualities, and legacies, with commentary from their breeders, owners, and riders.

Who better to kick-off this New Year series than a paradigm of Selle Français breeding, Diamant de Semilly – a French team world showjumping champion (2002) – whose bloodline is opening the doors of so many 'foreign' studbook, including the traditionally conservative Holsteiner Verband. And with sincere thanks to the Levallois family for their enthusiastic participation in bringing you Diamant's story in our January 2021 issue.

He will be joined in the months following by Calido I (Holst), Briar (SWB)... and others who have made their impact as popular and often coveted sires.