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Final auction as Nelson Pessoa bows out of breeding


Nelson Pessoa, a living legend of modern equestrianism, was a brilliant rider, with more than 200 victories in the most important Grand Prix and derbys around the world during a 40-year career.

Since retiring from the saddle, he has devoted himself to coaching, although many people may be unaware that Nelson Pessoa has had a passion for breeding, and has been quite successful. Seizing opportunities and the retirement of competition mares he has ridden or trained, he has genetically crossed them with his own stallions or those of his students. Consider Galoubet A, Baloubet du Rouet, and many others, alongside outstanding mares that have created a legacy for Pessoa breeding.

Passionate about every project to which he commits, it has now been four years since Nelson Pessoa gathered together a group of breeding investors. However, trading has never interested him, but he's a patient horseman whose objective has always been to build young horses' careers and give them every possibility to fulfill their potential as sport horses.

Now over 84 years old, Nelson Pessoa's motivation is embedded in training, so he's decided to bow out of breeding in 2020. The 'Pessoa Auction' therefore represents the culmination of his breeding enterprise, and the opportunity for interested buyers to start theirs, to expand their bloodlines, acquire promising young horses, or a performer ready to win in the competition arena.

The sales catalogue revolves mainly around a foundation mare who will also be available, who is Pandora, a daughter of Kannan who has won 155 classes.

Pandora's eldest son, Ze Carioca, a 9-year-old approved stallion by Canturo, participated in the Winter Equestrian Festival this spring under the saddle of Rodrigo Pessoa. Ze Carioca's younger brother, the six-year-old approved stallion El London King, is a sublime copy of his sire, London, and has also enjoyed a series of successes. Cornetina, daughter of the sister of two champions, Divine Sensation by Diamant de Sémilly, is a three-year-old filly who will also attract great attention.

Cornetino, a son of Cornet Obolensky out of Pandora, is a stallion candidate this year. Tinkabell, a 15-year-old mare who carried Rodrigo Pessoa in 160 classes will be sold, followed by a colt of the year by Ze Carioca. Bella Baloubette, Eleonore, Ginseng and Jigaro are six- to 11-year-old mares and geldings ready for the competition arena and complete the auction alongside youngsters still in breeding.

The sale will take place online on September 14 and 15, 2020 on the web platform www.pessoa-auction.com.

Prospective bidders must register in advance, and winning bids will be subject to a sales tax of 6%, excluding VAT/TVA.

The horses are stationed in Belgium with the exception of Ze Carioca who is currently in the USA.

Trials and presentations of the offered horses can be arranged, and all veterinary visits (international protocols) are available upon request.

You are invited to join Nelson Pessoa and other guests for the final 'live' hour of the 'Pessoa Auction' on September 15 at 8:30 pm.

“During my career, I have always been interested in breeding and genetics. I love all of these horses, bar none. My desire is not to sell at all costs, but to sell to the right person. For each of them, this would be a great outcome for my breeding".


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