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Dollar de la Pierre/aka Tlaloc La Silla’s international journey

Tlaloc La Silla jumping with Santiago Lambré Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

By Adriana van Tilburg and Jean Llewellyn
Photography: Peter Llewellyn,and courtesy La Silla

Bred by Dr. Michel Herbeau in the eponymous hamlet of La Pierre, some 250 kilometres south of Paris, Dollar dela Pierre/aka Tlaloc La Silla/aka Tlaloc M (1991-2012) represents one of the most influential Selle Français bloodlines of the last century, that of Almé, with some of the most important Thoroughbred names in his fourth generation (59.96%).

Tlaloc La Silla was a May Day birth in 1991, bred by Michel Herbeau and christened with the name Dollar dela Pierre. Following his purchase by Mexican international rider and businessman Alfonso Romo, he became one of the foundation stallions of the La Silla studfarm under the name Tlaloc La Silla. Later, after returning to France, he competed with great success under the saddle of Reynald Angot as Tlaloc M. SO 177 (0.94), often as a member of their Nations Cup team.

Tlaloc La Silla jumping with Santiago Lambré
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Notably, Tlaloc/Dollar dela Pierre made history in 2002 as one of the quartet of Selle Français stallions who won team gold during the World Championship in Jerez de la Frontera (alongside Dollar du Mûrier/Eric Navet [individual silver]; Diamant de Semilly/Eric Levallois; and Crocus Graverie/Gilles Bertrán de Balanda). Ironically, it was the latter rider who partnered Dollar’s dam to become French national champion in 1984.
A total of some 960 products registered with SF, with Dollar’s peak covering years coming between 2003 and 2008, although 2012, the year of his death, also saw a spike of 102 mares.

Damline history

This is a quote from the article De l’ancienne province du Poitou au Terroir Vendéen Charentais written by Paul Hubert: “These Vendéen purchases supplied the two Berceau de Race studs in total and were used in many other studs: Angers, Hennebont, Blois, Strasbourg, Saint Lô, Cluny, and Annecy, the latter having been particularly well served by the good sire of dams Utèce, and then by the powerful Querelleur, the sire of many winners and whose daughters produced so well with Maroc AA, consolidating the maternal stock from which came, for example, the stallions Dollar dela Pierre and Cacao Courcelle.”
The following information comes from the article Nouveau sire, Dollar dela Pierre, ún etalon or? written by Jean Dellanoy, published in the French equestrian magazine L‘Eperon in 2002: “Ourson is the sire of Sirene, who was entrusted to Utéce. He used to stand at stud in Saint-Triviers-sur-Moignans and was reserved for the best mares. Ardente was the result of this combination. She was an important chestnut mare who was entrusted to the replacement of Utéce. Querelleur was the delight of many demobilized cavalry officers who loved to ride him over the jumps. He was the sire of Bérénice, out of Ardente. She looked quite like her father, but she was a chestnut and her father was bay. Bérénice was born in 1945, she gave birth to her first foal in 1949, but the Annecy depot has no trace of her until 1957 when Nonchalante was born. Maroc AA, father of Nonchalante, was a chestnut Anglo-Arab. Kind and intelligent, he was very good to ride: supple, balanced and above all willing and generous.
Nonchalente had already produced a certain Bacchante I (Courlis AA) with an ISO index of 159, she was part of the 20 French horses in 1978 that were exported to Germany where she toured in CSIO under the name Tiphane. Nonchalante was a beautiful chestnut of 1m63 in blood, deep, extended, muscular, with a beautiful neck. Her slightly long head was lit by a 'beautiful moon'. Very nice but not easy to catch in the meadow, she did not touch the ground when she moved. She was always first in the broodmare show at La Guerche, in the Centre region, and her foals were bought by Docteur Michel Herbeau, who chose the stallions... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber


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