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Cornet Obolensky over 1 million euros ahead


Cornet Obolensky continues to lead stallion rankings for sires of auctioned horses and embryos with over €6,500,000 in sales. His lead in the rankings has stretched out to over €1 million over his nearest rival, Gino H,who has €5, 204500 but this comes from just 9 sales as opposed to Cornet Obolensky's 129! Third place is currently held by Chacco-Blue with €4,609440, although he does have the highest number of sales sired - 208. Interestingly 108 of Chacco-Blue's sales are from embryos, by far the highest number.

There are now 16 stallions who have sired in excess of €1 million in sales value.

Please note that these figures are from sales results that have been published. Many auctions are now choosing to not make available their results.

To see the full tables of auction, sires and sales go to https://breedingnews.com/auction-results-2023-2/ or click on the auctions link from th main menu.