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AES announces Young Breeder teams for Worlds in Denmark

Isobel Percival

By Eva-Maria Broomer / AES
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Following an overwhelming level of interest from talented and committed young breeders from all over the country, AES is delighted to introduce our Junior and Senior Teams for this year’s International Young Breeders World Championships.

These young breeders have been attending regular webinars and followed our team of evaluators on our recent stallion grading tours around the UK, as well as helping out at the Stallion AI Services Open Day. All of this has given them a strong foundation as we move into the final training stages.
We are very impressed with the level of interest the championships have generated among the next generation of UK breeders. It’s great to see that there are so many young people keen to take breeding forward into the future, and it is a great privilege to play a small part in that journey.
We would very much like to thank everyone who has shown such passion and commitment, and our team of trainers and team managers from the AES and Stallion AI Services who are all instrumental in making this happen. The large number of strong candidates we had to choose from did not make our decision easy, but we are very proud to present a team of exceptional young people to represent our studbook and our country in Denmark.

Ava Fowler (Junior Team): From my home in North Yorkshire, we breed mainly dressage horses. Our youngsters enjoy a full life including hacking and jumping. We aim to give them a balanced upbringing prior to expecting the concentration required for dressage training.
Our mares are by De Niro, Sandro Hit, Belissimo, Hot Line, Fidertanz and Painted Black. We select stallions for their conformation and temperament to enhance and improve their characteristics.
We have been using Morricone, Don Romantic, Delorean, Kjento, and Glamourdale to name but a few. We have also introduced jumping and eventing stallions to our mares that have shown a natural ability for jumping, using Casallco and Diarado. We take care to use stallions known for their kind nature and trainability. We feel it is very important to breed horses that are not only talented but also a pleasure to handle on the ground and with whom we can form a ridden partnership.
I am currently fortunate enough to be able ride a San Remo x Sandro Hit 14-year-old chestnut mare called Scarlet Fire. I have ridden for the Pony Club at championships on several occasions for both dressage and showjumping but my main passion is dressage. I have successfully ridden for my BD youth region (North and East) at regional competitions and also the Home Nations Riding for England. I absolutely love it.
Olwyn Coope, a family friend has been a huge supporting influence and offered a wealth of knowledge, furthering my interest for breeding and handling of young stock from an early age. Starting at 10 years old when she woke me up at midnight to watch my first ever foal be born. That same filly foal by Morricone out of our San Remo mare who is called Midnight is now six and I am currently producing her.
We bring them on slowly as they grow until they are seven. Growth in itself is tiring (I speak here from experience…being 5ft11”). So it is not only kind but also sensible to safeguard their joints and get longevity in their career. So many people seem to rush them- I personally think that this is asking for problems in the future as their joints aren’t fully developed.
I love to have the opportunity to improve my knowledge of breeding and develop my understanding of the desirable qualities of sports horse conformation. I believe that the more we educate ourselves on breeding now, we can not only secure the future generations of sports horses but also improve them through their progeny.
I really appreciate being part of the AES Young Breeders Junior Team for the World Championships... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber