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Westfalian Studbook Festival: July 12-14 – looking to the future


Westfalia is horse country. There is hardly any other region where horse breeding and equestrian sport are as strong, so its two associations are celebrating special anniversaries this year.

Founded in 1924, the equestrian sport association of Westfalia has been in existence for 100 years, while the Westfalian Studbook, founded in 1904, is 120 years old. Both are at home at the Westfalian Horse Center in Münster-Handorf and are looking forward rather than back on the occasion of the double anniversary. 'The Future of Horses' is the name of the festival that the two associations will jointly and publicly celebrate in Münster during the weekend of July 12-14.

This three-day anniversary festival brings together the entire spectrum of the Westfalian equestrian world in fascinating diversity on the spacious grounds in Münster-Handorf. Westfalia's horse breeding and equestrian sport are rooted in the region and have repeatedly achieved great international success. The highlight will be the gala show on Saturday (July 13), during which the Westfalian Studbook and the Westfalian Equestrian Sports Association will present 120 years of breeding and 100 years of sport under a special spotlight. Impressive show acts, fascinating quadrilles, and emotionally moving memories of famous two- and four-legged Westfalians combine historical moments with the present and also look into the future.