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Well-known sires deliver champion foals in Bocholt

Vaysall van het Weyenshof

By Jo de Roo
Photography: Jo de Roo

Dream Boy, Farrell, Delixe, Cornet Obolensky/aka Windows vh Costersveld Corydon van T&L, Diamant de Semilly, and El Barone III all delivered champion foals in Bocholt during the Limburg Breeding Day BWP on June 26.

We briefly review the champion foals, supplemented with expert comments from the jury, starting with Vinson van het Beukenhof, bred by Liesbeth Molenberghs, who was victorious in the category for male dressage foals. Jury member Jef Govaerts stated about this son of Dream Boy out of Funny Dark (Fidertanz - Dream of North x De Niro): “A foal with a well-developed upper part and a good general impression. He can trot very strongly. Vinson was the most complete foal in terms of conformation and movements.”
Vitali van de Kempenhoeve (Farrell), bred by studfarm De Kempenhoeve won the series for female dressage foals. “Vitali scored the highest in all criteria. She can move very light-footed and can also gallop very well,” Govaerts said.
Vaysall van het Weyenshof triumphed in the series for older male showjumping foals. Niels Cuppens bred this son of Cornet Obolensky/exWindows van het Costersveld) out of Hera van de Zielenberg (Cicero van Paemel Z - Oeshi x Goldspring de Lauzelle). Hera descends from part of BWP dam line 73. Jury member Roger Van De Vijver reported: “A beautiful foal with good bones. Vaysall also charmed us with his movement.”.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber

V van de Lindehoeve claimed victory among the younger male showjumping foals. Nathalie Awouters bred this son of Corydon van T&L out of Ureka (Heartbreaker -Pearle x Capital). Ureka belongs to BWP dam line 86 and produced the international performers Easy Boy van de Lindehoeve, Grandis van de Lindehoeve, and Hamlet van de Lindehoeve, as well as the approved stallion/showjumper Indigo van de Lindehoeve. According to Roger van de Vijver; “A foal with a very strong upper part, very beautiful in type. This colt trotted with a lot of impulsion and cantered uphill.”

Vitali van de Kempenhoeve

Viamant van de Hoste, a daughter of Diamant de Semilly out of an Echo van het Neerenbosch dam and owned by Eddy and Sophie Aerts won the series for older female showjumping foals, about whom Roger van de Vijver said; “older female showjumping foals”. According to Roger Van “A very nice foal, a good, light type with hard and dry legs. She has a beautiful appearance.”
Valentia van Koekshof (El Barone III Z - Goldtender van Koekshof x Quickfeuer van Koekshof, BWP dam line 20), bred by Jaak Evens, was the winner in the series for younger female showjumping foals, with van de Vijver once again providing the commentary; “Valentia is a strongly muscled foal that also impressed with strong movements. The foal has a super canter.” [/s2If]