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The small-scale breeding vision of Jelke and Linda Heida

A memorable moment was when Jelke and Linda’s home-bred Wamberto (Rousseau) was elected champion of the stallion show, and was later on approved for KWPN breeding

By Jenneke Smit / KWPN
Photography: Dirk Caremans, et al.

At the last KWPN Stallion Show the passionate breeding duo of Jelke and Linda Heida celebrated the selection of two homebred stallions for the performance test. The Hardrock Z-son Pasquino van de Hagenhorst and the striking premium stallion Perle (Kjento).

Like many fellow KWPN breeders they have used their knowledge and experience to breed top sport horses that have brought success to many international riders. Remarkably, their small breeding program yielded both jumper and dressage horses that performed at the highest level. Breeding a good sport horse is paramount, followed by doing everything possible to ensure they receive optimal opportunities.
They started their breeding hobby in the mid 80s with two mares, the Luitenant Generaal-offspring Twiggy, and the Wahtamin xx-daughter Veronica. “When we began we did not make a deliberate choice between jumper or dressage horses. We both rode at Z level when we were younger but got too busy with our construction company, so that’s how we ended up in breeding. We always aspired to breed horses with a beautiful type, good character, and good movements”, says Jelke.
After several years of breeding with both lineages, the breeders from Friesland noticed the dam line of Twiggy made the most positive development. “We have raised all our horses the same way, so after a few generations we could compare matters such as mindset, health, and willingness of the two lineages under similar circumstances.”

Success at the stallion selection

There have been plenty of causes for celebration, both in terms of sporting achievements and inspection success. A memorable moment was when their homebred Wamberto (Rousseau - Olinda ster sport-dres pref prest PROK x Voltaire) was elected champion of the stallion show. Via Dutchboy and Wisconsin this stallion traces back to foundation mare Twiggy.
In the subsequent KWPN Select Sale, Wamberto, at the time co-owned by the late Adriaan van de Goor, was sold to the United States. There he emerged as champion of the 100-day test before being campaigned in sport up to Small Tour level.
Indirect breeding success quickly followed. One year later, the champion of the stallion show turned out to be Zagreb (Rousseau, bred by Bas and Trudy Wilschut), an offspring of the Jazz mare Orona, bred by Jelke and Linda Heida. Later, he would make name for himself as Blue Hors Zack in both breeding and at the highest level of sport. His dam Orona is, via Belisar and Wisconsin, a descendant of the other mare with which the Heidas started their breeding programme: the Wathamin xx-daughter Veronica. “We only bred dressage horses with this lineage, but the line did not produce the exact thing we were looking for. So, we sold Orona as a young mare to Bas and Trudy Wilschut. Since we had bred a lovely colt by Rousseau that year, Wamberto, we advised them to cover the mare with Rousseau. And it turned out incredibly well because Blue Hors Zack has proven to be a fantastic stallion. We truly enjoy that too, other breeders being successful. They have established a great lineage with Orona”, says Jelke Heida... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber