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Danish Warmblood stallion licensing lights up Herning

Jyske Bank Boxen, one of three arenas in use during the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning

By Britt Carlsen / DWB
Photography: Ridehesten.com

A total of 60,847 enthusiastic visitors from home and abroad gathered for the annual Danish Warmbnlood Stallion Show at the MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning from March 8-12, and created a fantastic atmosphere throughout the event.

Every exhibition hall and all the stables on the impressive grounds of the MCH Exhibition Center Herning are in use when the Danish Warmblood breeding federation hosts its annual stallion licensing, international jumping, dressage competitions, and gala show, as well as the aptly named Horse & Rider fair with more than 250 exhibitors.
This year was the 43rd time that the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing was held in Herning, and it has developed into a well-oiled event, supported by 350 indispensable volunteers. And visitors flock from many parts of the world, spectators and riders alike, to experience this unequalled global event.
President of the Danish Warmblood federation Jan Pedersen was proud of what was achieved by everyone involved once again this year, stating; “I look forward to Herning every year, but I also look forward to it being over. We are fragile, vulnerable, so we are relieved every time we finish the event.” The federation has 3,000 members and a budget for the Stallion Licensing of DKR21 million (over US$3 million).
Eight premiums awarded in dressage

A very convincing group of three-year-old stallions received approval at the Stallion Licensing, and during the inspection days the breeding commission had plenty of opportunity to evaluate the candidates on a hard surface, on the lunge, and loose in the arena. In addition, the majority of stallions were also shown under saddle at the newly introduced voluntary one-day test already held on the Wednesday.
As the Danish Warmblood stallion selection is the last in a long series of similar European events, many German and Dutch ‘premium’ and ‘champion’ stallions are traditionally presented for the Danish selection. Certainly, the Danish-bred stallions fully matched the international level.
Overall, the breeding committee awarded a total of eight premiums stallions, of which five were Danish bred and three were imports. Also, a total of 22 stallions received a one-year cover permit as they passed their one-day test on Wednesday. One other stallion was approved for testing and will have the opportunity to do his one-day test at the post-selection in Vilhelmsborg on April 13 to obtain his covering permit.

Ten jumping stallions approved for breeding

A total of 10 jumping stallions were approved for breeding, with three achieving the honourable ‘premium’ title. These three-year-old stallions were observed under saddle at the newly introduced voluntary one-day test, on the lunge and twice in free jumping. Finally, their jumping abilities were tested over a large oxer as the last jump on the series on the concluding day of the selection, and demonstrated impressive qualities. In particular, the three premium-stallions, who received great applause from a sympathetic audience in the KRAFFT Arena... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber