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The ‘Grande Semaine’ of Pompadour 29th edition: September 21-25


Entries are closed and preparations for the 'Grande Semaine' are being refined while the horses and ponies and their teams are in their starting blocks to participate in the biggest annual breeding event in French eventing.

With more than 370 combinations entered in these National Finals, the Grande Semaine exceeds a level of entries never before reached in the past 10 years. A number that certainly indicates a strong recovery in breeding activities, trade, and sector confidence.

The 2021 champions will be defending their titles and hoping to win again. The five-year-old Classic Cycle will see the four-year-old champion Hialisca de Takam under the saddle of Alexis Lemaire, while the Free Cycle includes Horion d'Areines, ridden this time by Anaïs Thibot, who will defend his CL1 title in CL2-5yo.

The Young Talents program initiated this year by the CCE Commission of the Société Hippique Française will also present its verdict during these finals with three riders in the running to obtain the coveted label of 'SHF Young-Horse Rider': Marine Castagné, Raphaël Cochet and Cyril Gavrilovic.

There will also be the opportunity to follow the performances of the French riders freshly returned from the World Championships in Pratoni del Vivaro, such as Thomas Carlile, Cyrielle Lefebvre, Astier Nicolas and Nicolas Touzaint.

Finally, the Grande Semaine of Pompadour is also a great gathering place for sport and breeding, with discussions, shopping, as well as festive moments, including various evenings and entertainment such as the 'Guinguette and Pétanque' evening on Thursday, the Foxy Brown concert evening on Friday, as well as the Cocktail and Kahoot Quiz evening on Saturday. So don't miss the opportunity to share great moments of laughter and celebration....