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The countdown has begun for La Grande Semaine in dressage


The 22nd edition of the Grande Semaine de Dressage, lands back in Saumur, on the site of the Horse and Riding Institute from September 29 to October 2.

A total of 174 horses from the age of four to six years will present themselves throughout this national championship. Together with broodmares and ponies, some 334 equines are registered and will make this the biggest dressage event of the year in France.

The event also offers national trials from Amateur 3 to Pro Elite, providing an opportunity for riders of young horses to perform with their older horses.

This year has also been marked by several regulatory changes affecting in particular competitor qualifiers. As dressage is constantly evolving, it requires SHF to adapt to train young horses in the best possible way.  For this, the premium has been raised from 72% to 75% in the Classic Cycle, while three levels of test have been retained for the Cycle Libre: CL1-4 years, CL2-5 years and CL3.

Finally, participating as La Grande Semaine remains the dream of many riders, the event also offers significant visibility for trade, with criteriums being created to allow access to the event to horses not qualified for the Finals.

Marketing assistance being one of the three missions of the SHF, a commercial operation has been set up on SHF-market.com which brings together all the horses and ponies available 'for sale', from foals to six-year-olds, as well as broodmares.

Two couples returning from the Ermelo World Championships – the six-year-old Apachi vd Biebosschen with Claudia Chauchard, and five-year-old Berlioz LH with Victor Brua – will be present, highlighting the experience acquired during this important event.

Likewise, the 2021 champions who return to defend their titles: Bellini Jiva will compete as a six-year-old under the saddle of Elsa Maulet, Geneve Boreal, Cycle Libre second-year champion will also participate.

The results of the Classic Cycle championships for five- and six-year-olds will be of particular interest since the best horses born in France will be selected to take part in the EquitaLyon Clinic hosted by Isabell Werth!

The countdown for the 22nd edition of the Grande Semaine de Dressage has well and truly begun.