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SF Young Breeders at the heart of the French breeding sector

French coaches – André Audinot and Clément Emonnot

By Anne Robert / IYB
Photography: Courtesy Stud-book Selle Français

The Selle Français Stud-Book has actively participated in the Young Breeders project for more than 10 years, entering teams on six occasions in the World Championships. This program is part of an overall objective to support the professionalisation and rejuvenation of the breeding sector in France by training competent successors, particularly in the presentation of young horses.

The Young Breeders are therefore major players in our championships. In order to standardise presentations and in a service approach to breeders, they are responsible for the grooming and good presentation of horses in our national finals.
In France, the Young Breeders program has been set up with around 40 schools who prepare the future professionals in the equine sector and brings together more than 400 young people every year. Each winter, a training tour is organised within these schools, led by our two trainers, André Audinot and Clément Emonnot, themselves former Young Breeders. André Audinot also won the World Championship in Ireland in 2009.
This tour allows us to enlarge the panel of potential Young Breeders as it opens the doors to our French Championship, organised every two years alternately, aligned with the World Championship. Once these trainings have been completed and the French Championship successfully navigated, some of the candidates are selected to officially join the Young Breeders Selle Français program. They then benefit from advanced training courses which deepen their knowledge before representing the Selle Français Stud-Book at the World Championships.
Still with the objective of professionalising the sector, the Stud-Book Selle Français goes beyond the elements imposed by the international Young Breeders program and this year added a test to its training and its French Championship: driving a free-roaming (loose) horse in three gaits (walk, trot, and canter).
French Young Breeders Program in 2022/2023

French team in Ermelo: l-r Lucie Leroux, Augustin Bord, Julien
Schalck, Antoine Tizon, Marie André, Amandine Wolf, Eve Capitaine

The French Young Breeders Championship is spread over two days and is therefore the high point of the training provided during the winter in the sector’s schools. In 2023, 460 young people took part in winter training divided between 40 establishments and registrations as independent candidates; 122 of them took part in the French champion-ship representing 19 schools.
A few questions to Juliette Linhard and Emma Vivier, respectively first and fifth in the 2023 French Championship:.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber