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Resumption of equestrian sport in France: April 12


The myeloencephalitis - EHV1 (rhinopneumonia) epidemic has been the subject of intense monitoring since the onset of the health crisis, in collaboration with the Network of Epidemio-Surveillance in Equine Pathologies (RESPE).

Given the favorable development of the situation, the French Equestrian Federation and Sociéte Hippique Francaise have jointly decided to resume all national and international equestrian competitions, equine gatherings, and races, either directly organized or under their auspices, as of Monday, April 12, 2021.

In order to maintain great vigilance, mandatory health protocols will be applied to all competition actors in the coming days, as soon as FEI rules have been communicated.   Vaccination and boosters against EHV-1 continued to be recommended for exposed horses.

The conditions for resuming these closed-door activities will need to be in strict compliance with the measures in force in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.