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Quality across the board brings 46 selected dressage stallions

Out of a total of three selected Glamourdale sons, Rayano (out of Kalista elite IBOP-dres D-OC x Cum Laude, breeder H. Verthriest) made it to premium stallion status

By Jenneke Smit
Photography: Hippo Foto Media/Dirk Caremans; FEI/Leanjo de Koster

The new crop of dressage stallions is exceptionally promising. After 33 stallions were selected for the performance test in Den Bosch last year, this year there were no fewer than 46. Much is therefore expected from this young generation in terms of variety and bloodlines.

In addition to 44 three-year-old dressage stallions, the successful Small Tour stallion Vaderland and Pavo Cup winner Everest are allowed to participate in the test in Ermelo.
The stallion selection committee, consisting of Johan Hamminga, Wouter Plaizier, and this year’s chairman Bart Bax for the first time, had an interesting group of stallions to assess in the second viewing. Out of the 97 presented stallions, they were able to extend invitations to 46 for the performance tests. Moreover, the five most complete stallions also earned a premium.

Pure and in balance

In the presentation of the dressage premium stallions powered by Knegt, it was a reunion with a group of five stallions that convinced in terms of conformation, movement, and pedigree. “We have been able to select a couple of very complete stallions, and considering the bloodlines and the variation thereof, we have every reason to look forward with confidence to the performance test,” explained chairman Bart Bax. “The line that we set out in the first viewing, we have been able to maintain well here in Den Bosch, resulting in a nice number of 46 stallions. We are never led by numbers, but it is characteristic of the good quality across the board. Of course, we have given some stallions the benefit of the doubt, but the majority of the stallions have impressed us both in Ermelo and Den Bosch. In Den Bosch we also took the pedigree into account in our decision-making process.”
Bart Bax also looks back with a good feeling on his debut as chairman. “It is always exciting to fulfil such a new role, and I am very happy with the experiences I have gained over the past seven, eight years as an inspector for the mares. That has certainly helped me, not least to document all the information well so that we as a committee could come well-prepared. In addition, we have been able to work together very nicely as a team, and we were on the same page. We tried to select stallions with three good basic gaits, focusing on purity in the walk and balance, and bend in the hind leg in the canter. Experience teaches us that the walk and canter are not always easy to judge at liberty, so we gave some stallions the benefit of the doubt if purity and balance were present. It’s a cliché but it’s the truth: the biggest test will take place in the performance test.”.. To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber