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Potter du Manaou AA: “He was special the day he was born…”

Potter du Manaou

By Adriana van Tilburg
Photography: Courtesy ANAA

Becoming very popular as a sport horse sire, Potter du Manaou AA (Ryan d’Anzex AA - Ienisseie du Loup AA x Rif du Crocq AA) was bred by Claude and Christiane Saramon, and is very much a sporty type of Anglo-Arabian from good AA performance bloodlines: Tsar du Manaou AA, Giralda AA, Laurentides AA, Carole de Here AA, Nam Dinh du Logis AA...

Christiane Saramon recalls: “I come from Pau, a region known for steeplechasing, and also for eventing. Here I got to love blood horses, which is how I came to Anglo Arabians. The mare Ienisseie du Loup AA was our third mare. We especially went looking for an interestingly bred mare, and purchased her as a three-year-old because of her good damline. Three successful Anglo-Arabian mares that jumped at international level came from this line: Giralda AA (Rio Negro AA); Laurentides AA (Faritchou AA); and Nam Dinh du Logis AA (Arlequin AA).
Ienisseie du Loup AA was a very dark chestnut and that is my favorite color. She was started under saddle as a four-year-old and qualified for the young horse finals in Fontainebleau in that age group. She did very well there, showing everything that we needed to know for her age, so we then put her into breeding.
Her first foal was O’Loup du Manaou AA by Quatar du Loup AA; we bred the sire and then sold him to the Haras Nationaux. Then the news came that Ryan d’Anzex (Massando AA - Hera B x Dandy du Verger, breeder: Jean-Luc Frezier) had returned to France from Italy. He’d barely covered any mares because you couldn’t freeze his semen at that time. Plus you had to be really fast with covering the mare because the semen did not live long. We’d already used Ryan d’Anzex for other mares, so when he returned we decided to take two ares to the Haras Nationaux in Pompadour where he was standing. The combination of the Ienisseie du Loup AA and Ryan d’Anzex AA was my idea as I’d already liked him as a young horse. He jumped unbelievably. He was a genius.”
Ryon d’Anzex AA competed at 1m60 level under the saddle of Spanish inter-national Fernando Fourcade, who was then riding for San Patrignano. They won the CSIO Grand Prix in Barcelona, finished third in Falsterbo, fifth in La Baule, and distinguished themselves in Nations Cups as well as at the Mediterranean Games (team bronze medal). They was also members of the Spanish team at the 1993 European Championships and the World Championships in 1994... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber