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Olympic Lusitano Equador passes

Equador with João Torrão (POR)

"With deep sadness and broken hearts, we announce that our beloved Olympic hero Equador MVL has passed away," co-owner Diogo Lima Mayer posted on social media. "Following a cervical injury, Equador underwent emergency surgery performed by one of the world’s leading surgeons in France, but despite all best efforts, he didn't survive." Equador was the first and only Lusitano and Iberian Horse who passed 75% in international Grand Prix, and holds all international records for an Iberian horse.

Diogo Lima Mayer owned Equador (Quo Vadis - Que Há x Hostil) together with Belgian Marc Lebbe and Polish Katarzyna Gontarska, the three partners making every financial effort to show the stallion internationally, resulting in qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games where he was ridden by João Torrão for Portugal.

According to Mayer, "Equador left no one indifferent with whom he crossed paths, impressing with his adorable character, golden heart, and fighting spirit. In this difficult moment for all of us, we would like to address Equador’s longtime best friend, João Torrão. Together they developed a partnership difficult to express in words. They wrote history for Portugal and the Lusitano breed, breaking records and opening new horizons for our country in dressage. Their history has inspired us and the whole equestrian community worldwide. We will honor his legacy and his memory by continuing the outstanding path he started for our Monte Velho studfarm (Equador's breeder) in international dressage. This was an unique journey and Equador will always stay in our hearts.” CvA