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Nine studbook stallions added to KFPS roster for 2024

Jeroen 535

By Alice Booij / KFPS
Photography: KFPS

November 2023 saw nine high-achieving Friesian stallions being awarded their stud certificate in Exloo, the Netherlands, and henceforth added to the KFPS roster, including two sons of Tiede 501 and Tuen 505. The new bloodlines are remarkable for their diversity.

Mans van de Gonda, Mayson Jede, Manno fan Burmania, Mr. M. van de Sprong, Melle “‘van de Brink’, Naud T van Sessing, Dedmer fan de Greidpleats, and Jasper all passed their driving and harness exam and were thus promoted and given new names and numbers on becoming new KFPS studbook stallions. Jeroen Poll ster-sport-elite successfully completed his shortened examination and now goes by the name Jeroen 535.

Diversity in bloodlines

The nine new studbook stallions includes two sons of Tiede 501 and Teun 505, plus an Alwin 469, a Fonger 478, an Ulbrân 502, a Nane 492, and an Anders 451 added to the elite corps. For Tiede 501, Teun 505, and Fonger 478 it was their first approved sons. All nine represent different damsires, with maternal bloodlines descending from diverse stallions, with the exception of two stallions from line 50. Eight of the nine stallions are carrier-free.

Jeroen 535

Jeroen 535 was born in 2011 as Jeroen Poll and was bred by Mrs Van Aken-Poll. He is an Anders 451 son out of a Star mare by Folkert 353. Jeroen 535 has a kinship of 17.2%, is from pedigree 65, and he stands 1m69 height at withers.
Jeroen is a stallion with satisfactory breed expression, satisfactory expression of the head, satisfactory feathers, and a long forelock. The long neck has a vertical build. He is a stallion standing in a slightly square model. We would like to see a bit more strength in the topline, croup conformation is good in terms of shape and length. The stallion has good-quality legwork, dry and clean with good size of the feet. He is slightly back in the foreleg knee and has a slightly coarse capped hock.
Jeroen 535 was allowed to join the short test at the age of 12 on the basis of his exceptional performances in the sport. He is active at international Grand Prix level in dressage earning scores of 70%, which is a good indication of the stallion’s trainability and zest for work. His daily contact and stable manners show him to be a friendly, albeit slightly tense stallion.
During the presentation under the guest rider the stallion is active and displays a lot of forward go, allowing the rider to ride him correctly from the hindquarters to the forehand and into the contact. The stallion has a lot of stamina and demonstrates more than satisfactory willingness to work. He should move with a little more use of the body, suppleness, and self-carriage.
Jeroen 535’s legwork shows durability and he has an interesting bloodline. Because of his relatively low kinship of 17.2% and his sport performances he can contribute to the breeding of the Friesian horse. He can be used to add front and sport mentality. The stallion is best used on mares with a roomy, regular walk... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber