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March is a time for renewal in Elmshorn

Catalog #114, I’m Special (I’m Special de Muze x Corrado II) (Ph: Bugtrup)

"March makes everything new," is the Holsteiner Verband motto for hosting the first Holsteiner Stallion Days with a licensing and joint stallion presentation (association and private stallions) in Elmshorn on March 22/23, 2024. This event also marks the start of the Holsteiner auction year, with 36 selected horses: 14 youngsters for self training, and 22 riding horses.

Among them is catalog #114, I’m Special (I’m Special de Muze x Corrado II), a large-framed gelding who has already started the 2024 season with international placings in the Youngster Tour over 1m25. The six-year-old has several half-siblings who are S-level successful, as well as 1m60 jumpers in his direct maternal line.

Catalog #104 comes from the immediate family of Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann's “once-in-a-lifetime” horse Lambrasco. This four-year-old is Casco (Casall x Corrado I), who knew how to impress with his first jumps under saddle.

The family of catalog #105, Castle (Castle Creek x Cormint) includes a veritable line-up of 1m60 horses, including GK Coco Chanel, GK California, and GK Curacao. This four-year-old is ready to go and is already housed in the Elmshorn stable.

The first presentation of these offers is scheduled for Saturday, March 2 at 1:00 p.m. CET. The rough diamonds will arrive on Wednesday, March 20 and will then be available for viewing.

Managing director Felix Flinzer will be happy to answer any questions about the auction and of course the horses themselves by phone +49 (0)162-349 3942. All horses are online with photos, videos and family details at www.holsteiner.auction. Tickets will be available online (March 23) at www.holsteiner-verband.de.