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KWPN Vosmaer: Posthumously awarded keur predicate in 2023

At the KWPN Stallion Show, it was announced that Vosmaer’s grandson Finale (sired by Contester II, here ridden by his breeder Chelsey Sibley) would be recognized in the breeding direction Gelder Horse

By: Gemma Jansen and Liesbeth van Woerden-Schotanus / KWPN
Photography: Sherri Scott, Liesbeth van Woerden

During the KWPN Stallion Show of 2023, Vosmaer was posthumously awarded the keur predicate. This Gelder stallion was born in the Netherlands in 1979 and later sold to the United States at a young age. There, the stallion was successful at Grand Prix level and produced remakarkably good and beautiful offspring. A well-deserved predicate for this chestnut stallion.

He is now 85 years of age and nearly half a century has passed since then, but breeder Freddy Textor still fondly remembers his Vosmaer. For some breeders, breeding an approved stallion is their life’s work, while Freddy achieved this milestone with the very first foal he bred. He recalls: “I lived in Leusden at the time, the perfect location for hacking and forest rides. I had a demanding business back then and could use some relaxation. Horseback riding seemed to fit the bill. Gerrit van Manen of Terschuur told me of a good mare sired by Epigoon that was for sale. This Korine (out of Edelweiss ster x Simon Bolivar) had obtained the ster predicate and loved to take a few jumps. So, I paid the seller a visit and was immediately sold; what a fantastic mare she was. I took her home the very same day. I have not regretted that decision a single moment ever since, she was a naturally pleasant mare and had a lovely and level-headed character. For example, my sadly deceased daughter, her friend, and I made the journey from Amersfoort to Noord-Limburg on horseback. A five-day trip which Korine completed without a problem. Imperturbable she marched across busy roads and even crossed the Waal Bridge near Nijmegen.”

Taking off the bowler hat

“When I’d already had Korine for a few years, Gerrit van Manen advised me to cover her with Formateur. Formateur was standing at his stud and was very fertile. I liked the idea since I was impressed by the stallion’s jumping technique. I am sure every older breeder still vividly recalls the wide oxer with a table in the middle at which Gerrit and his wife casually drank tea, while Formateur soared over them. In 1979 Korine gave birth to the colt Vosmaer. “It was not the intention to leave him entire, but he was so pleasant and easy-going in hand. Before he was approved, the stallion selection committee came to visit to inspect Korine. The gentlemen literally took off their bowler hats to her powerful hind leg.
“After the first round viewing, the stallion selection committee gave me the urgent recommendation to register him in the recently founded breeding direction ‘basis horse’ rather than as a jumper stallion. During the performance test in Uddel, Vosmaer immediately garnered attention with the way he conquered the water obstacle in-harness. The water splashed in every direction and the joy Vosmaer displayed was infectious. He was quickly sold after his approval to someone that prepared him for the stallion show. In the assumption that I, as a true enthusiast, could enjoy a whole series of Vosmaer offspring in the future. No matter how beautiful and good he was, breeders were deterred by his ‘basis horse’ label and he was not used that much.”

Multiple Grand Prix horses

“Vosmaer served Dutch breeding for a few years before being sold to the United States in 1986. There he was granted numerous opportunities and has appearantly produced many good sport horse.” The stallion was sold to Grand Prix rider, trainer, and founder of KWPN North America, Jeff Moore. Moore imported Gelder horses on a regular basis and bred with them too. At that tim, Jeff owned three approved stallions: the Gelder stallions Taxateur (1977: Obelisk x Commandant), Vosmaer, and the KWPN-recognized Holsteiner Rubinstein (1975: Lorenz x Allasch).
In America, Vosmaer made it to Grand Prix under the saddles of Chelsey Sibley and Stacee Collier. In addition to his own success in dressage, Vosmaer frequently emerges in the pedigree of a Grand Prix horse. Six of his offspring in the United States were active at advanced level dressage, three of which even made it to Grand Prix... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber