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KWPN show searches for sport in pedigrees

Minderhoud Hans Peter, (NED), Glock's Johnson TN Grand Prix Special European Championships - Aachen 2015 © Hippo Foto - Dirk Caremans 15/08/15

THE NETHERLANDS (by Claartje van Andel) The BWP-registered stallion Toulon (Heartbreaker - Nikita x Jokinal de Bornival) and his son In-Between (out of Zuduela x Berlin) were the most talked about during the recent KWPN show and stallion licensing. Likewise, Toulon and another son, Etoulon (out of Utaruesa x Calvados) had three products selected for the up-coming stallion test, while In-Between became the honoured and loudly cheered champion of this licensing show.

So, during the licensing process, the awarded 2015 Horse of the Year, Heartbreaker, continues to proclaim his influence, through his son Toulon, his grandson Etoulon, as well as his BWP-registered son Action Breaker, who was also selected.

The champion Toulon son In-Between was bred and is owned by the Venderbosch family’s De Radstake stud farm. He was outstanding, thanks to his natural jumping abilities, athletic canter and sense of overview over the jumps.

In total, 51 showjumping stallions received the invitation for the 70-day testing period. Four sons of Kannan (Voltaire - Cemeta x Nimmerdor) were selected for the stallion test, as well as three sons of BWP Falaise de Muze (Wandor van de Mispelaere - Walnut de Muze x Nabab de Reve) were chosen – all three very careful jumpers. According to chairman Cor Loeffen, “With regard to bloodlines, we have seen quite a mixed group. That is a big plus for an open studbook and a positive development. Also various young stallions stood out with good sons, such as Dexter R (2008: Namelus R - U Rubertha 15 x Contender), E-star, El Salvador (2009: Vigaro - Antartiica x Kojak), and the more mature Bubalu VDL/ex Triumph (2000: Baloubet du Rouet - Zancara x Nimmerdor). This is promising.

” Venderbosch ‘kiederdekiek’

Never before has the Venderbosch family produced a champion until In- Between. “Already as a foal he was an eye-catcher, blessed with looseness and athletic abilities. My own chosen word for a horse like this is ‘kiekerdekiek’, meaning something like very attentive and special, a real eye-catcher. Having a champion now means a lot to me, although there still is a long way to go before In-Between will be licensed”, said Johan Venderbosch. In the pedigree of In-Between is the great granddam Uduela (Gold Dollar [Gotthard] - Pamela x Pilatus), purchased by Johan Venderbosch in Germany. “Her pedigree was very interesting, going back to the famous Gotthard”, Venderbosch explained. She is the grandmother of licensed stallions Habsburg (Burggraaf) and Nonstop (Lux), her granddaughter Zuduela (Berlin) is the mother of champion In-Between. Venderbosch continued by explaining, “We are specializing into the breeding direction of showjumpers through Calvados and Berlin, but I still feel the importance of movement abilities and a special appearance also in a showjumper”...