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KFPS Central Inspection 2021


The KFPS has decided to organise the Central Inspection 2021 at the Gaasterland Riding School in Harich, a decision that has been precipitated by the ongoing Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands.

The Central Inspection will take place at this location from September 15-18.

Wednesday, September 15: Semi Final Pavo Fryso Cup 4-5-6-year-old mares

Thursday, September 16: Semi Final Pavo Fryso Cup 4-5-6-year-old stallions and geldings

Friday, September 17: Youngster Championship & inspection Star mares

Friday evening, September 19: 'Sport Evening', including

• Final Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage stallions, geldings & mares
• Presentation Sport Elite mares
• Semi Final Pavo Fryso Cup Showdriving Aptitude
• And… so much more

Saturday, September 20

  • Inspection 1st premium Star-Crown mares season 2021
  • Model declaration
  • Parade of Model mares
  • Various Championships

Information: www.phryso.com