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Kannan was the best that could happen…

Alexandrine Hecart

FRANCE (by Adriana van Tilburg) With many top breeders coming from Nor- mandy, we are in the Deauville area speaking to Alexandrine Hecart of Haras de la Roque, situated in La Roque-Baignard. The name of this stud farm became known worldwide following the arrival in 2000 of Kannan (Voltaire x Nimmer- dor), bred by M.G. Kramer van de Meer in the Netherlands. With the purchase of this brilliant sport horse, the Hecarts also discovered an exceptional stallion.

In partnership with Michel Hecart, Kannan won the French title in 2005, and participated that same year in the European championships in San Patrignano, Italy. They won the Grand Prix in Deauville, second in the Grand Prix classes in Gijon, La Courneuve and Vichy, and were members of the winning French Nations’ Cups teams in Lisbon and La Baule.

When Kannan was bought by the Hecart family they knew they had something ver y special. Alexandrine Hecart explains: “When we bought Kannan in 2000 we knew nothing about breeding, we knew about sport horses but we hadn’t bred any foals until then. This was also the time I became interested in bloodlines. Okay, I have to admit when I was younger I was totally passionate about mother lines and breeding, but it wasn’t like I knew everything about studbooks. I knew horses, stallions, and I was reading everything that had to do with horses. I was probably more interested in bloodlines than Michel...


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