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HSI announce Horseware team for WBCYH Lanaken

Madges Lane Emma (Emerald van’t Ruytershof - Courage Cruise x Courage II) with Oisin Aylward

Article by Antonette Doran/HSI
Photography: Laurence Dunne

Horse Sport Ireland has announced the Horseware team of horses that will represent the Irish WBFSH studbooks at the showjumping FEI-WBFSH World Breeding Championship for Young Horses being held in Lanaken, September 19-22, 2019.

The full teams are as follows:

Five year olds (six)

The winner of the five-year-old Irish Sport Horse studbook league was Castle Lux Clover who was bred by Jennifer Devlin and her husband Adrian Shoer. Adrian was in a groom in the Army Equitation School where he groomed for Capt. David O’Brien when he competed on the sire of Castle Lux Clover, Boherdeal Clover.
Jackie Lee the breeder of Madges Lane Emma has also had success in the past with a mare called Kashino who was a winner of the ISH studbook series in 2017 and was the winner of the Connaught League.
Andrew Hughes from ESI Stud is the breeder of ESI La Luna. Hughes has bred other horses in the past that have competed at Lanaken, including ESI Toulouse, who qualified for the final in 2018.
• Madges Lane Emma (ISH), mare (Emerald van’t Ruytershof (BWP) - Courage Cruise (ISH) x Courage II (Holst)), bred by Jackie Lee, owned by Barry O’Connor, ridden by Oisin Aylward.
• Dawsons Gold (ISH)(TIH) gelding (Flexible (ISH)(TIH) -  Carnalway Gold (ID) x Kildalton Gold (ID)), bred by Victor Bennet, owned by KM Sport Horses, ridden by Ger O’Neill.
• Rockwell RC (ISH) mare (Kannan (KWPN) - Urban Sea (ISH) x Guidam (SF)), bred by Ronan Byrne, owned by Kevin Crumley, ridden by Jason Foley.
• Fernhill Check Your Pocket (ISH) (Simba (KWPN) -Cavelle (ISH) x Cavalier Royale (Holst)), bred by Mr and Mrs Alan Wheeler, owned by Carol Gee, ridden by Kate Derwin.
• Esi La Luna (ISH) mare (Carrera VDL (KWPN) - Ssh Coolgirl (Holst) x Colman (Holst)), bred by Ennisnag Stud, owned by Catherine Hughes and Gbbs Int, ridden by Kevin Gallagher.
• Castle Lux Clover (ISH) (Boherdeal Clover (ISH) - Cloonagh Luxury (ISH) x Lux Z (Hann)), bred by Jennifer Devlin, owned by Anne Marie D’Arcy, ridden by Sean Kavanagh.
Mhs Cardenta (Cardento - Willow Point x Diamond Serpent) ridden by Michael James Pender

Six year olds (seven)

Orestus Clover was a winner of the league in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook series this year and also won the league in 2018 as a five-year-old. The dam. Optimistic Clover. died a few years ago but the breeder and owner Ralph Morgan plans to keep the mare in order to breed from her once she is finished competing in order to continue this line.
MHS Cardenta is bred by Mill House Stud’s Tom Brennan from Kilkenny, the birthplace of top horses such as Olympian MHS Going Global, WEG competitor Coral Springs, MHS Washington and many more.
Marion Hughes is the breeder of HHS Vancouver and is no stranger to success in Lanaken. She bred Z Seven Canya Dance (ISH) and Z Seven Caretina (ISH) who won silver and bronze medals, respectively, at the same breeding world champioonship in 2016.
• Dawsons Flex (ISH)(TIH) (Flex A Bill (ISH) - Carnalway Gold (RID) x Kildalton Gold (ID)), bred by Victor Bennett, owned by John Kearney, ridden by Jason Foley.
• Lux A Special Lady (ISH) (Lux Z (Hann) - Aishling Clover (ISH) x Coille Mor Hill (ID)), bred by Des Judge and Patrick Walsh, owned by Desmond Judge, ridden by Jessica Burke.
• Mhs Cardenta (ISH) mare (Cardento (Holst) - Willow Point (ISH) x Diamond Serpent (ISH)), bred by Thomas Brennan, owned by Bravo Hughes Ltd, ridden by Michael James Pender.
• Hhs Vancouver (ISH) gelding (Indoctro (Holst) - La Juanita (ISH) x Don Juan de la Bouverie (sBs)), bred by Marion Hughes, owned by Bravo Hughes Ltd, ridden by Michael James Pender.
• Hillcoote Boarder Fox (ISH) gelding (Pacino (BWP) -  Currahoe Cruise (ISH) x Cruising (ISH)(TIH)), bred by Alan Higgins, owned by Brian O’Malley, ridden by Tim Page.
• Orestus Clover (ISH) mare (Orestus (KWPN) - Optimistic Clover (ISH) x Clover Hill (ID)), bred and owned by Ralph Morgan, ridden by Jessica Burke.
• Kinmar Quality Hero (ISH) gelding (OBOS Quality 004 (Oldbg) - Magician Hero (ISH) x Moujik de Sohan (sBs)), bred and owned by Gerrard Marron, ridden by Damien Griffin.
Dawsons Gold (Flexible - Carnalway Gold x Kildalton Gold), ridden by Ger O’Neil

Seven year olds (five)

BBS McGregor has been a consistent performer in the Irish Sport Horse studbook series and a wonderful family horse for breeder and owner Marguerite Ryan. He was also the winner of the Irish Breeders Classic in 2018 and qualified for Dublin Horse show as a five-, six-, and seven-year-old. Unfortunately, BBS Mcgregor’s dam died after having a filly foal earlier this year, but Marguerite hopes to keep this filly and breed from her to continue the line.
Lux A Special Lady (Lux Z - Aishling Clover x Coille Mor Hill) with Jessica Burke
Noel Cawley, is the breeder of Mullaghdrin Limber. Cawley has bred many successful horses including nation cup horses Touchable and Mullaghdrin Gold Rain.
• Mullaghdrin Limber (ISH)(Flex A Bill (ISH) - Cavlsear (ISH) c Mohill Cavalier Clover (ISH)), bred by Noel Cawley, owned by Edward Doyle, ridden by Edward Doyle Jnr.
• BBS Mcgregor (ISH) (Cardento (Holst) - Random Chance (ISH) x Mark Twain (TB)), bred and owned by Marguerite Ryan, ridden by Jack Ryan.
• Longfield Quinlui (ISH) (Quin-tender (Holst) - Dshlyi (ISH) x Luidam (KWPN)), bred by Seamus Drea, owned and ridden by Derek Mcconnell.
• Javas Gucci (ISH) gelding (Luidam (KWPN) - Javas Honey (ISH) x Cruising (ISH)), bred by Judy Murphy owned by Michael Pender and Bravo Hughes Ltd, ridden by Michael James Pender.
• Mhs Fernhill Showtime (ISH) gelding (Cavalier Royale (Holst) - Mhs Obos Cruise (ISH) x OBOS Quality 004 (Oldbg)) bred by Ita Brennan, owned by Sinead Brennan, ridden by Kate Derwin.
Rockwell RC (Kannan - Urban Sea x Guidam), ridden by Jason Foley