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Holstein main licensing and 50th Elite Riding Horse Auction


On Thursday, October 29, the time has finally come: the Holstein main licensing and the 50th edition of the Elite Riding Horse Auction will begin. In this extraordinary year, much has changed. The good news: the ban on lodging in Schleswig-Holstein has been lifted.

The kick-off takes place traditionally on the outdoor area of ​​the Holstenhalle in Neumünster. There the licensing candidates will present themselves to the public for the first time. Good news for all those interested who do not have tickets for the free jumping on Friday or the auctions on Saturday: Admission is free on Thursday and spectators are expressly welcome. If you would like to visit, please submit the completed proof of attendance available for download on the Holsteiner Verband website (www.holsteiner-verband.de) at the entrance of the hall. In addition, it is mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection at all times on the Holstenhalle site during the entire event. Please note that so-called face shields are currently no longer recognized as sufficient protection in Schleswig-Holstein.

Due to cancellations in connection with the ban on accommodation, which has now been repealed, spaces are still available for Friday and Saturday for spontaneous travelers. Tickets can be obtained in writing from the sales point of Holstenhallen Neumünster by fax +49 4321 910 114 or by email to info@holstenhallen.com. A full name, address and telephone number must be given when ordering.

Further information: www.holsteiner-verband.de