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Four Friesian stallions permanently approved by KFPS

Julius 486 (Courtesy KFPS)

Four Friesian stallions permanently approved: Julius 486, Eise 489, Meinte 490, and Jurre 495 have been rewarded with permanent approval because of their convincing breeding results.

Julius 486 Sport Elite AAA (Norbert 444 Sport Pref. AAA x Beart 411 Sport Pref), bred and owned by Kettle Creek Friesians of St Thomas, Ontario, Canada: ‘The exterior of the Julius 486 offspring is satisfactory. Their attitude in sport is more than satisfactory but in trot the hind leg needs to develope more carrying power. Julius 486 offspring have pleasant characters.’

Eise 489 Sport Elite AAA (Maurits 437 x Olof 315 Sport), bred by Mrs. R. de Vries-Bakker, owned by Chardon Stable Jorwert was born in 2009. His offspring can be characterized as ‘pleasant and happy horses, with a good attitude as a sport horse, the right willingness to work as well as perseverance. The offspring could benefit from slightly stronger connections. The walk needs attention.’

Meinte 490 Sport Elite AAA (Beart 411 x Anton 343), bred by Stal Cent Netterden, owned by A. Thomassen, stud Gebr. Van Manen, born in 2013. ‘His offspring have a good attitude for sport and especially receives positive remarks for the walk. The Meinte offspring is very social in behaviour and contact, but could show more Friesian expression and conformation.’

Born in 2011, the four-fold SI winner Jurre 495 Sport AAA (Maurits 437 x Ulbert), was bred by H. Deinum, andisowned by Stal Chardon and H.J. Niemeyer. ‘His offspring show responsive characters. In the yard they are pleasant horses and in the work they are reliable and have lots of learning capacity. The attitude for sport is satisfactory, the walk needs attention. Jurre’s exterior is good, his daughters have a Star percentage of 60%.’ Comprehensive reports including breeding values of these stallions will become available as early as possible in the New Year and will also be included in the Stallion Information 2022, which will be released together with the February issue of Phryso.

Claartje van Andel