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Four days of Friesian horses: Experience, admiration, joy

Central Inspection hosts, Equestrian Centre Gaasterland, Harich

By Jeanet Dam / KFPS
Photography: KFPS

The KFPS Central Inspection is the capstone of an excellent judging season with some 200 selected horses and more than 3,000 visitors. Four days of admiring the best Friesian mares, watching the final of the Pavo Fryso Cup dressage and harness, or just enjoying all the Friesian horses that passed by. It was all possible in cosy Harich, where Equestrian Centre Gaasterland was all about the black pearls.

The flags of all breeding associations flew proudly above the grounds of Equestrian Centre Gaasterland in Harich. An extensive preselection in past months ensured that the crème de la crème of Friesia an mares (young and old) could be found at the Central Inspection. Because if you and your mare are allowed to come to ‘hospitable’ Harich, you have a topper in the house even without a champion’s ribbon or a rise in rank at the end of the day. And despite the rain showers, the public came to Harich in large numbers to admire with their own eyes the beautiful classes full of Friesian horses, follow the exciting final battle of the Pavo Fryso cup, and enjoy fantastic harness sports. Breeding and sport in symbiosis, as it should be.

Overall champion

Two daughters of Jehannes 484 were crowned the best of the Central Inspection 2022. The tireless, athletic three-year-old Janke L.W. became Provisional Crown and Overall Champion. The five-year-old Ela Sterre fan de Merksen Kroon AAA captured the overall reserve championship, partly thanks to her excellent trot.
The inspection ring in Harich had become familiar territory for the three-year-old Janke L.W. Three weeks earlier, she had shone there during the breeding days of It Fryske Hynder where she became champion of the breeding day. That creates expectations and she fully lived up to them as she convincingly became Champion of the three-year-olds and overall champion of the Central Inspection 2022.

Overall champion Janke L.W. (Jehannes 484)

All this attention took a while to get used to for the modest Ludema family from Witmarsum. “It is like being in a fairy tale that just won’t stop,” was how they described the success for themselves. The judges praised the mare for her spacious and tactful walk and uphill trot with plenty of shifting ability. Like a top athlete everything seems to come so easily, and athletic Janke L.W. seemed to take no effort at all... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber