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FENCES selection tour update

As the Covid-19 virus turns every sporting calendar upside-down, and with no end currently in sight, FENCES has announced that their selection selection tours will take place as soon as the containment period ends. So far, the Netherlands have banned all the events until the beginning of June, which will lead to changes in the calendar. Anyone wishing to register for the tours is invited to visit their website (www.fences.fr) using the current dates, and as soon as the situation resolves you will be informed of the new dates. The Elite Sale will still take place at the same time as Fontainebleau's Grande Semaine (starting at the end of August), on the scheduled date. Should the crisis also impact these dates, the Sale will adapt to a new schedule.
The current confinement may allow you to devote more time to breaking-in and preparing your three-year-olds.
Keep safe and healthy!