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Fabulous Flexible retires at 21

Rich and Shelley Fellers with Flexible

USA/IRELAND (by Susan Finnerty) Flexible/ex Flex A Bill (Cruising - Flex x Safari xx), bred by Edward and Catherine Doyle, is another Irish-bred stalwart to retire recently from competition. Both he and Ballynoe Castle RM (Ramiro B - Ballyvaldon Natalie x Blue Laser xx), bred by Sylvester Cullen, were walking advertisements for the longevity of Irish Sport Horses, with the 21-year-old Flexible recently bowing out at Del Mar National Horse Show.

“He had his retirement on the May 6th, then I shipped him 45 minutes to a big breeding farm. I picked him up, brought him back to the horse show and rode him around, then hand walked him up to the show office. All the ladies there were having their photos taken with him for Facebook!” said Rich Fellers who, coin- cidentally, like Buck David- son and Ballynoe Castle, found the horse as a six- year-old.

At that time, Fellers had spotted Flexible competing at Cavan with Edward Doyle who, together with his wife Catherine, was to later earn five consecutive Irish Horse Board breeders awards (2008-2012) for the distinctive wide-blazed chestnut. The pinnacle of his career and his long partnership with Fellers came in 2012 when they were the best US combination at the London Olympic Games, placing eighth individually...