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Extraordinary mare Chiara

Chiara's dam, Larissa

GERMANY (by Adriana van Tilburg) Sometimes you meet horses that will influence your life. For me one of those horses was Contender (Calypso II - Gofine x Ramiro, stamm 2472, bred by Niko Detlef). The first time I saw Contender was in November 2003, let out of the box by his long time handler Gunnar Mohr.

He was showing him outside to breeders from the USA, the Netherlands and other countries. I knew I wanted to see him more often, so my journey began by visiting the village of Haselau every two months to learn more about Holsteiner horses. In the Netherlands was a special mare who I used to take care of and she was a Holsteiner and nobody in the Netherlands could tell me anything about her pedigree. In 2012 I took the step to move completely to Haselau and for two years I made special memories in my time after work with this amazing stallion Contender. When 2014 was only two weeks old, Contender made the journey to his forevergreen pastures  he had just turned 30. Contender lives on in the pedigrees of many top horses and one of these top horses is Chiara (Contender - Larissa x Coronado, stamm 1120, bred by Günter Schüder).


Günter Schüder took over his parents farm in 1971 and purchased Hasja (Sable Skinflint xx - Osmana x Waldjunker). She produced five daughters, her daughter Pussta (Raimond) produced the Holsteiner approved stallion La Zarras (Landgraf I) who competed at 1m60 level with Toni Hamann. Mullins (Lenz), out of Pussta competed at 1m40 with Toni Hamann. Lamour 88 (La Zarras - Lafayette x Contender) comes from the branch of Hasjas daughter, Regel (Fridericus), and is approved for Oldenburger International and jumped at 1m60 with Holger Wenz. Lafayette also produced the CCI four-star Tom Tom Go (Templer xx) ridden by Niklas Bschorer. Hasjas daughter Bahrenfleth (Lorenz) built up the branch that produced the Holsteiner approved stallion Pershing (Parco xx) and the mare Clear Lady (Clearway) who is competing at 1m55 with Kristoffer Widlund...