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Santos during training

SPAIN (by Jean Llewellyn/press release: The 2nd Oldenburg Dressage Symposium took place in Spain at the Finca Yeguada Los Amadores in Madrid. Dressage experts included four-time Olympic champion Nicole Uphoff-Selke, trainer and Grand Prix rider Ute von Platen, auction rider Marcus Busch and international Spanish judge Juan Carlos Campos.

After the great success of the 1st Dressage Symposium in Bad Homburg, Germany, the Oldenburg Pferdezuchtverband decided to hold this year’s Dressage Symposium in Madrid, Spain’s capital, focusing on the ‘Training Tomorrow’s Dressage Horses’. First-class riders and trainers made the journey to Spain to present interesting lectures and demonstrate educational training units.

Nicole Uphoff-Selke explained how a dressage horse is systematically schooled and also narrated emotional experiences from her own life as a rider and her worldclass horse, Rembrandt. “I was amazed that there were only really good horses with lots of potential in the clinic – you don’t see that very often. A compliment to Oldenburg breeding”, she said, adding; “The riders were very talented and openminded for changes. They tried everything out and were very sensitive in dealing with their horses – and each time the hour was over, horse and rider left the indoor satisfied because they had learned something new.”

Trainer and Grand Prix rider Ute von Platen explained what judges want to see if they are to give the highest scores. “We just experienced an impressive event here in Spain. The purpose of my lecture was to show the road that is to be taken when schooling a young dressage horse, keeping the scale of training in mind”. Auction rider Marcus Busch demonstrated from the saddle what he demands from a youngster and then talked about the first steps in schooling talented dressage horses. “Many dressage fans showed up, from ambitious riders all the way to international dressage judges” Busch said, and continued by adding, “The walk is very important and often forgotten. In my lecture I tried to give participants important tips on how to improve walk work.”...