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Bumper 70+ pages of World Breeding News for May 2020


The current Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the equestrian industry on a global scale, so our largest issue ever published – 70+ pages – will be online within the coming days. Is 'money driving change in equestrian sport'? What do the NEW German breeding values mean? Irish breeding launches new initiatives for 2020! Coping with EVA, EIA and CEM when 'my horse has no symptoms'! A record-breaking NZ Warmblood selection tour! At the top level, 'does Grand Prix breed Grand Prix'? Who are the most marketable sires according to the first quarter's auction results? Welfare in horse breeding: Coitus vs ARTs? And much more... from our regular correspondents, and featuring renowned professionals as well as studbook-specific features.

World Breeding News will continue to push the boundaries in order to provide up-to-date information, thought-provoking philosophies, and valuable 'health and vet' features, so we will remain by your side throughout this crisis.

Stay safe...