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Briseis d’Helby: An aristocratic grand dame of Selle Français

Descending from the same family, Shogoun II (Night and Day xx) ridden by Philippe Lejeune (BEL) during the La Baule Derby

By Marc Verrier
Photography: Peter Llewellyn

Briseis d’Helby passed away on May 26, 2021 at the grand age of 32. Famous for being the mother of the brilliant Quickly de Kreisker, this grand dame produced remarkable offspring – a production that owes nothing to chance, as Briseis d’Helby comes from one of the best families of the Selle Français studbook.

It was on the Facebook page of her RBC Stud, that Charlyne Rihm announced the disappearance of Briseis d’Helby, who passed away after having taken full advantage of a beautiful retirement in the meadows of Meurthe-et-Moselle. “My beautiful adored grandma; it is on this Wednesday, May 26, at the beautiful age of thirty-two, that you decided to fall asleep, peacefully forever, in your meadow surrounded by your darling pony. You have left your mark through your sensational Quickly de Kreisker (among others), what an extraordinary broodmare you were. It is difficult to describe how much you meant to us, our darling. We did everything to make you enjoy the best and you have returned it to us a thousand times over with all the happiness you have brought us. A chance to have been able to rub shoulders with the great lady that you were. Your unique gaze, which pierced the soul with love and kindness, will remain engraved in our hearts. We will miss you so much. A happiness anchored in my soul. Thank you for having enchanted my life,” wrote an emotional young breeder.
Briseis d’Helby was born in Betton, Ille-et-Vilaine, to Albert and Jannik Lamotte, founders of the Helby stable. Briseis took her last breath almost four years to the day following the death of her breeder, who died on May 25, 2017. He was not mistaken in integrating this family into his breeding at the end of the 1980s.
Her Highness, of royal descent

The damline of Briseis d’Helby goes back to a mare named Naïve, her fifth dam, a daughter of the half-blood Foukoui. Although Foukoui did not leave a large recorded production, he is nonetheless found at the origin of some fine families. Foukoui is thus present in the paper of Belle de Mars (Surioso), Olympic champion in Montreal 1976 under the saddle of Marc Roguet. We also find Foukoui in the paper of Tante Louise (Nykio), a mare from whom also descends an Olympic champion, Jus de Pomme (Primo des Bruyères), individual gold in Atlanta 1996 under the saddle of Ulrich Kirkhhoff... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber