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Brazil values the breeding and training of young horses

Bethoven das Umburanas and Tomas Rosilho

By Roberta Milani / ABCCH (Translation Caroline Padilla, data from CBH)
Photography: Carol Cotrim

Every year, better strategies have been studied and applied to the breeding and training of young Brazilian-bred horses for sport, and all products of the system must go through the training processes in a smooth and gradual way.

With that in mind, in 2023, young horses from Brazil will apply a ranking – a partnership between CBH (Brazilian Equestrian Federation), ABCCH, and Stud Farm Agromen – that aims at cultivating training and, thereby, increasing value. The future of the sport is strictly connected to the high-quality training of these young horses and, for this reason, the support, union and cooperation of these entities are so important.
According to Antonio Celso Fortino, CHB’s young horses director; “Some of our objectives are to organize a healthy calendar for the animals; to protect them so as to guarantee their longevity in the sport; as well as to increase the visibility of the ranked animals in the marketplace.”, Accordingly, regulations have been improved for the current season and contemplate record prizes of over R$630k among five categories (four-, five-, six-, seven-, and eight-year-olds).
Each step of the national competitions will offer a prize stablished by the organizing committee. The minimum amount for six- to eight-year-olds is equivalent to R$10k offered by the organizing committee, R$10k granted by the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation (CBH), with ABCCH (the Brazilian Association of Sport Horse Breeders) granting an extra bonus of a further R$10k for registered animals. Awards of national competitions with ranking points for four- and five-year-old horses will be stablished by the organizing committee, with a minimum of R$7k split by the organizers.
The grand finale of the ranking ideal-ized by CBH, ABCCH, and Agromen will take place during the Brazilian Sport Horse National Festival, in November. The largest show-case of the Brazilian Sport Horse breed will comprise two qualifiers with an un-limited number of participants (except the four-year-old age group), and a final competition including 100% of the highest qualified four-year-olds, 40% of the highest qualified five-year-olds, 40% of the highest qualified six-year-olds, 50% of the highest qualified seven-year-olds, and 80% of the highest qualified eight-year-olds. The final eight-year-old award will amount to R$110k; R$86k for seven-year-olds; R$52k for six-year-olds; R$33.4k for five-year-olds; while four-year-old sport horses will receive R$17k... To read the complete article you need to be a subscriber


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