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Auction results for May


The results of the following auctions are now online

2020-05-07 - Youhorse auction Online young jumpers (NED)
2020-05-04- Westfalen Online sprinfg foals auction Munster Handorf (GER)
2020-05-05-ET online spring auction (BEL)
2020-05-05 - PS Online young jumpers auction Ankum (GER)
2020-05-12-Young horses May Online Z-auction (BEL)
2020-05-16- Hanoverian May Online foals auction Verden (GER)
2020-05-19 - PS Online young jumpers auction Ankum (GER)
2020-05-18- DSP Online spring foals auction (GER)
2020-05-23- Oldenbourg Online elite foals auction (GER)
2020-05-24-ESHA young jumpers and stallions auction (NED)
2020-05-24-The collection online auction (BEL)
2020-05-23-Hof Kasselmann online auction (GER)
2020-05-25- Westfalen Online dressage foals auction (GER)
2020-05-30-  Holstein 1 - Online foals auction (GER)
2020-05-30-  Hannoverian sport horses - Online auction (GER)
2020-05-31- ESI cloud seven online Online auction (GER)

Chacoon Blue is now the highest ranked stallion for total sales with a value of 1,087,750 €

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