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Young-horse expo for WEG


By Jean Yves Tola/NAS

The organizers of the World Equine Expo at this year’s World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC, have announced the addition of a young-horse exhibition for five- and six-year-old jumpers. The WBFSH, in collaboration with Spy Coast Farm, will offer the event, billed as ‘The WBFSH Developing Jumpers Exhibition, presented by Spy Cost Farm’.

The collective event theme of this year's WEG is ‘Celebrate the Horse, Celebrate the Sport,’ which honors and highlights the unique connection between horses and humans across the world, and the hosts feel that top sport horse breeding is an important element within this theme. “Spy Coast Farm is delighted to be partnering with the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses to present the WBFSH Developing Jumpers Exhibition,” said Lisa Lourie, owner of Spy Coast Farm. “We hope that the concept of a 'Battle of the Breed Registries' will be well received and that viewers will enjoy watching and learning, as some of the finest five- and six-year-olds here in North America are critiqued over fences.”

Approximately 20 horses of each age group were issued invitations to participate based on their USEF standings in five- and six-year-old classes in 2018. The initial invitations were limited to two horses per registry per age group. Organizers are hoping that 10 to 12 horses in each division will participate in the demonstration which will focus largely on the evaluation of technique, willingness, scope, careful-ness and suitability for upper level sport.

“We hope to draw more attention to showjumper breeding here in North America as well as abroad, and to further educate the public on the criteria for judging young jumpers, including the height of fences and technical abilities that five- and six-year-old horses are expected to demon-strate for the top level of sport.” states Lourie.

Another goal of the WBFSH Dev-eloping Jumper Exhibition is to draw additional atten-tion to the studbooks that support breeders in pro-ducing these horses.

Imported as well as North American-bred horses will be participating, so organizers hope that spectators will cheer on their ‘home team’ and favorite registry.

The event will be held on September 20 and 21 between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. following the WEG jumper classes.
Access to the demonstration will be open to all WEG ticketholders free of charge.