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Untouchable: A pedigree mongrel!


Bloodline analysis by Adriana van Tilburg: Interesting stallions are being born at a time of globalization where it’s easy for breeders to gather together different bloodlines from different studbooks. Thirty of 40 years ago you had to use a neighbourhood stallion that was close to you, whereas now you can use a stallion that’s thousands of kilometres away thanks to frozen semen and other modern techniques.

Untouchable/ex Untouchable 27 (Hors la Loi II - Promesse x Heartbreaker, stamm 18a2) is one of those stallions: a good mix between French, Dutch and Holsteiner bloodlines.

Holsteiner foundation

The KWPN stallion Untouchable descends from Holsteiner stamm 18a2 – a line that shows a connection to the KWPN Studbook.

Looking back to the 1970s, full brothers Komeet and Makelaar (Sable Skinflint xx - Uhrendorf x Logger) were both approved for the KWPN. Uhrendorf’s daughter, Alwine (Cottage Son xx), produced the Groninger approved stallion Falko (Falkner). It was during a time when the Groninger Studbook was trying to maintain a certain type of horse for their studbook.

Alwine was mostly paired with Thoroughbreds, although her daughter Nalwine is by the stallion Romantiker (Ramiro Z - Dedy x Martell, stamm 628b). Romantiker’s product was the mare Trika, out of the mare Heurige (Herbstglanz) also coming from stamm 628b. The most famous product out of Trika’s branch is the stallion Cheenook (Caretino), approved for several studbooks. Cheenook’s full sister is the mare Domina VII, who produced Ulrich Kirchhoff’s 1m60 jumping horse Carino (Cassini I)...


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